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Full Kit Build

Full Kit Description

Watch the full 3 Minute Time-lapse below! (and check out the others)

By far our most popular option; a Full Kit Build by Barn Pros Construction is perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, or for those who want to play a role in the build of their new Barn Pros kit, but would like to have the majority of the work tackled by the Pros.

We'll build your kit with everything as invoiced by Barn Pros, and will hand the build over to you to finish out utilities, paint, and interior finishings as you see fit.


In other words, starting from a leveled building pad, we'll set the posts for your structure, build the loft, roof, walls, staircase, set the exterior doors and windows, and install trim on exterior walls (and myriad other items). Your standard build includes a full slab in the interior of your building and a 30 Year Composition Roof. There are many other aspects of your project to consider; get started today by calling a Project Specialist of Barn Pros, Inc. at (866) 844-BARN (2276).

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