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Getting Started

Step 1: Exploration
Online at!

Building since 1989, and online since 2001, is a huge resource for your build.

Best place to start? We recommend taking a look at the different models available to you under the Structures Tab. Each Model has sizing and pricing information available for the package. 

When you find a model or two that interest you, it's a great time to get started by calling a Project Specialist at 1 (866) 844-2276 or requesting a catalog online.



Step 2: Configuration
Work with a Barn Pros Project Specialist

Now that you're in contact with a Project Specialist, they'll help answer your questions and keep you pointed in the right direction: toward bringing your project to life.

Barn Pros Construction is now offering ballpark percentages through your Project Specialist!

We track each bid we create and project we build very carefully. This has allowed us to create a set of shopping tools for you while you consider your model and construction options. Specifically, we've identified key relationships between the cost of your package from Barn Pros, Inc. and the associated cost to have it built by us here at Barn Pros Construction.

Click here for more information on our new Ballpark Percentages.

Step 3: Estimation
It's Time for Official Numbers!

One of the coolest parts about working with Barn Pros and Barn Pros Construction on your project is that both companies offer set pricing. This means that both your package and build will have guaranteed pricing that you can count on.

As you narrow down your options search to the kit you'd like to build, your Project Specialist will create an Estimate for you from Barn Pros. It'll have an Estimate # starting in EST-xxxxxx (EST- 001475, for example).

Once you've received and reviewed your Estimate from Barn Pros, Inc, we can begin working on your new Estimate from Barn Pros Construction! You'll want to start with a Full Kit Build, or a Canopy Build, and the choice is totally up to you.

When we know your desired scope of work and have your BP, Inc. Estimate in hand, we'll begin work on your Construction Estimate. We bid each and every project to the utmost detail, so depending on our current queue of Estimates like yours, these can up to a couple weeks to be finalized. However, we know that this can be very exciting so we'll make sure to give you a ballpark of around +/- 10% as soon as we can! (Typically within a few days).

Before you know if, you'll have a total scope of work in hand with prices that are ready to be locked in.

Helpful Hint:

The two Estimates are separate, and you'll need both to bring your project to life with us. The easiest way to tell them apart is that your Estimate from Barn Pros, Inc starts with EST-, and your Estimate from Barn Pros Construction starts with BPC-. Hope it helps!

Step 4: Signing
Let's Get this Started!

Now that you have both your Estimates in hand and everything looks right, it's time to get the fun started!

Here's what to expect:

  • You'll see two Contracts and two Deposits, one for Barn Pros, Inc, and one from us (Barn Pros Construction, LLC) for your build. 

  • We create what we call your Project Packet- it's a document containing a signed copy of your Estimate from us, our Construction Contract, and a few other documents required by the state or your local Building Department.

  • Both of these Contracts can be signed via DocuSign, and both Deposits can typically be placed with a Debit or Credit Card for your convenience.

Once both Contracts are signed, the gears will be in motion! Your blueprints will be in progress from Barn Pros, Inc., and if you've elected to have us assist you in your permitting process, that beings now!

Before you know it....

Before you know it, your kit will be on it's way and we'll be drilling holes!

So what are you waiting for? Your new structure is just clicks away...

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